Workshop 2017

Validation of the performance of GIM from the new IGS Ionospheric Associate Analysis Center in China

July 4, 2017 • 787 Views

Workshop 2017 - Zishen Li - This paper describes briefly the approach used by the CAS for GIM generation and illustrates the GIM performance validation results during the period of 1998-2016. The validation is carried out by comparing the CAS-GIM with the ionospheric TEC directly extracted from the raw GNSS observations, the IGS-combined GIM and the ionospheric TEC from TOPEX satellites, as well as that the GIMs from other IAAC are introduced for comparison. Validation results show that the accuracy of CAS-GIM is equivalent to that of GIM released by CODE and JPL (about 3-6 TECu) and it is a little better than that of ESA and UPC. The accuracy of GIM over northern hemisphere (3-5TECu) is a little better than that over southern hemisphere (4-6TECu).

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