Workshop 2017

Developing a new ionosphere activity index to monitor the ionospheric irregularities with multi-GNSS observations

July 4, 2017 • 689 Views

Workshop 2017 - Ningbo Wang - On the basis of single-differenced ROT, a new ionosphere activity index, rate of ROT change index (RROT), is developed to characterize the perturbation degree of the ionosphere. RROT shows even better correlation with S4 than classic ROTI, meaning that the proposed RROT index is applicable to reflect the irregularity activity. With the GPS and GLONASS data obtained from around 2000 globally distributed GNSS permanent tracking stations, RROT and ROTI maps were routinely generated to analyze the occurrence and dynamics of the ionospheric irregularity, which are now made available at our ftp archive (ftp://

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