Workshop 2017

GNSS in a Spectrum-Challenged Future: Adjacent Band Interference Impacts on High-Precision GNSS Receiver Performance

July 4, 2017 • 647 Views

Workshop 2017 - Frederick Blume - The US Department of Transportation has conducted hardware tests to determine adjacent-band transmitter power limit criteria that would prevent harmful interference from near-band GNSS interference. We present preliminary results produced from the data collected by three UNAVCO receiver types tested. In the first round of testing, simulated GNSS signals were broadcast in an anechoic chamber while interfering signals are broadcast simultaneously with varying amplitude and frequency. Linearity tests were conducted to better relate SNR measurements between receiver types. Our results show the power levels at which adjacent-band interference begins degrading receiver performance and eventually disables tracking. Wired testing was conducted to characterize antenna effects on receiver tests.

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