Workshop 2017

Towards GNSS Services - The new Data Monitoring Center of the GFZ

July 4, 2017 • 600 Views

Workshop 2017 - Markus Bradke - With the steadily increasing number of stations and data GFZ's current Data Center software reached the end of its life cycle. Developed for the sequential processing of RINEX2 data for a limited number of stations it can hardly keep up with the daily amount of data that passes the processing line. With the new system we will reach a new level of GNSS data pre-processing, monitoring and quality control. The developed "Data Assessment and Monitoring" (DAMon) Center stores all relevant parameters (data availability/latency/quality) in a PostgreSQL database. This will give us the opportunity to perform a broad range of statistical analysis for stations and networks. This poster will give an overview about DAMon's features and an outlook about future developments for a service-based approach.

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