Workshop 2017

An Update on the CDDIS IGS Global Data Center

July 4, 2017 • 688 Views

Workshop 2017 - Carey Noll - CDDIS supports data archiving and distribution activities for a large and diverse user community. The archive consists of GNSS, SLR, VLBI, and DORIS data sets and products derived from these data. The CDDIS data system is a key component in several of the operational services within the IAG and GGOS, including the IGS, ILRS, IVS, IDS, and IERS. Over the last decade, CDDIS has seen its ingest volume explode to over 30 million files per year from over hundreds of data providers. In order to accommodate this increase and to streamline operations, CDDIS has recently performed a significant computer system upgrade requiring updates to the data upload and distribution architecture. The poster provides information about these enhancements and a review of the GNSS data holdings supporting the IGS.

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