Workshop 2017

SONEL: Evolutions of the TIGA GNSS@TG Data Center

July 4, 2017 • 581 Views

Workshop 2017 - Elizabeth Prouteau - As TIGA primary Data Center and GLOSS GNSS Data Center, SONEL strives to collect, analyze and provide data from continuous GNSS stations (nearly 950) at worldwide tide gauges (GNSS@TG). It offers web tools to visualize station status, data quality check and analysis products for each station. Therefore, in complement to the daily automatic processes that run for well identified stations, regular research is made to collect data and metadata new added stations or in the frame of new collaborations. Specific efforts are also held to try to collect information on the geodetic tie between the GNSS station and the tide gauge (where only 15% of the GNSS stations closer than 1 km from the TG are geodetically linked to this tide gauge).

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