Workshop 2017

GNSS CORS and Network-RTK service in Korea

July 4, 2017 • 920 Views

Workshop 2017 - Hyunho Kim - NGII in Korea operates 60 observation stations in 40km intervals about 100,000 square kilometers nationwide from 1995, and provides network RTK service free of charge. NGII provides VRS and FKP services based on GNSMART of Geo++ and PIVOT of Trimble, and is mainly used in construction and civil surveying. VRS was used about 1 million people a year in 2016. Network RTK users are increasing by 30% each year, and FKP and MAC services are being prepared for this increasing trend in recent years. FKP will support smart car, drone and other low price GNSS devices. In addition, to expand the GNSS application, various services such as Network-RTK and DGPS services and SSR messages for PPP-RTK are planned to be provided.

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