Workshop 2017

GNSS orbit validation using SLR observations at CODE

July 6, 2017 • 581 Views

Workshop 2017 - Andrea Grahsl - Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) observations to GNSS satellites are crucial for an independent validation of GNSS orbits that are determined solely from microwave data. So far, only two GPS satellites are equipped with laser retroreflectors. In contrast, all GLONASS spacecraft can be tracked via SLR. Whereas in case of GPS the residuals can be analyzed over a long time span, the satellites of the GLONASS constellation are replaced more rapidly which hampers a long-term conclusion about the performance. The laser residuals give an important insight in the modeling of the satellite orbits. In the first part we evaluate different parameterizations consistently derived from the Repro15 reprocessing campaign where the focus is given to the GPS and GLONASS satellites. For the second part the ...

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