Workshop 2017

Optical Inter-Satellite Links for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

July 6, 2017 • 601 Views

Workshop 2017 - Monika Stetter - Most of the present GNSS constellations are equipped with inter-satellite link (ISL) technology. The key tasks of ISL are the increase of the constellation’s autonomy, the achievement of shorter update intervals for the ephemerids in the navigation message and the reduction of operational costs. The common technique for archiving ISL links between GNSS satellites is the use of microwave signals e.g. in the Ka-Band. Another considered technique, which e.g. features a favorable interference resistance, would be optical ISL (OISL). An evaluation of OISL for the use in a GNSS constellation will be presented. On the basis of simulated OISL observations the benefit of OISL for precise orbit determination is discussed.

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