Workshop 2017

GPS-BEIDOU time transfer comparisons

July 6, 2017 • 612 Views

Workshop 2017 - Selma Junqueira - Many timing receivers directly provide the CGGTTS results and there are dedicated software made by Pascale Defraigne (available on BIPM ftp server) to compute the CGGTTS from RINEX observation and navigation files generated by these receivers. A generalization of the software was developed considering not only the most recent version of the Rinex Files (3.02), but also the new codes broadcasted by all GNSS constellations. In this work our interest was to analyze ionosphere-free combinations of the new GPS observation codes (C1C,C1W,C2W,C2L,C5Q ) and BEIDOU codes (C1I, C7I) tracked by PolarRx4TR Septentrio receiver. The CGGTTS files for both Satellite constellations are generated, analyzed and compared.

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