Workshop 2017

Experimental research on BeiDou time transfer using the NIM made GNSS time and frequency receivers at the BIPM in Euro-Asia link

July 6, 2017 • 644 Views

Workshop 2017 - Kun Liang - The latest version (NIM-TF-GNSS-3) of GNSS time and frequency transfer receiver compatible with GPS, GLONASS and BDS systems has been developed. In January of 2017, two of NIM-TF-GNSS-3 receivers (IM15 and IM16) and were sent to BIPM and were installed in the end of January. First data analysis has been made and we have got about 1 ns time stability through the common clock difference (CCD) experiments using the two new GNSS receivers of the same type. As well double clock differences (DCD) of GPS and BDS on the Europe-Asia common view (CV) baseline between BIPM and NIM have been analyzed.

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