Workshop 2018
Jan Dousa - New developments at GOP Analysis Center - October 29, 2018 • 447 Views
The Geodetic Observatory Pecny (GOP) global analysis center has recently implemented a generation of rapid precise orbit and clock products in order to support Galileo Reference Center - Member States (GRC-MS) consortium established for independent Galileo system monitoring activities. For this purpose, a service for consolidated daily navigation files has been developed using all IGS stations, all GNSS systems and for a full history since 1994. A new procedure of GPS and Galileo orbit determination has been implemented using the Bernese GNSS software V52 and a double-difference solution from a global network. The product is completed with precise clock corrections generated with new in-house G-Nut/Sothis software and a strategy combining undifferrenced pseudoranges and epoch-difference phase observations. The software was developed also for real-time clock correction estimation along with a robust clock datum definition and initial clock bias connections, both aimed particularly for the applied mixed- difference strategy. Initial results of precise real-time clock corrections and their validation in a regional network are presented. Within the next step, GOP AC aimed at re-implementing ultra- rapid product contributing to IGS.

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