Workshop 2018
Rengui Ruan - Between-satellite single-difference integer ambiguity resolution in the SPODS software - October 29, 2018 • 448 Views
We will present an approach to resolve between-satellite single-difference (BSSD) integer ambiguities in GPS/GNSS network solutions. Data processing with the new approach is quite similar to that using the traditional DD-ambiguity fixing approach, except for the ambiguity fixing procedures themselves. Experiments show that the quality of satellite orbits, station coordinates and satellite clocks obtained with the new approach was almost the same as that with the DD approach. It is also shown that the new approach enjoyed slightly higher fixing ratio for both WL and NL ambiguities, and was superior in computation efficiency. It is also demonstrated that carrier-phase satellite clocks achieved has the ability to support IAR in PPP, just like that achieved with ZD ambiguity resolution

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