Workshop 2018
Paul Ries - Status of IGS14 reprocessing at the JPL IGS Analysis Center - October 29, 2018 • 468 Views
Although the IGS14 reference frame was officially adopted in January 2017, the JPL analysis center had to delay switching to the new reference frame until a complete reprocessing of orbits and clocks in IGS14 was completed back to 2002 or earlier. The reprocessing back to 2002 was completed in June 2018 and work reprocessing earlier years is ongoing. Here we present the results of the reprocessing back to 2002, along with the status of the reprocessing of earlier years. In particular, this work will present the evolution of the various Helmert parameters over time in the current IGS14 reprocessing versus in the last IGb08 reprocessing and operations. We will also present PPP time-series analysis to measure the position and velocity offsets between the two frames. Finally, we will present results from PPP time-series using our fiducial-free orbits, which are initially in an arbitrary reference frame of date. These time-series are then converted to IGS14 or IGb08 reference frames using the Helmert parameters calculated between the orbit determination ground network positions and covariance and the station positions and covariance from the reference frame. These time-series do not require a full orbit and clock reprocessing or even another PPP to switch coordinates to a new reference frame.


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