Workshop 2018
Quili Chen - Orbit determination and solar radiation pressure analysis of BDS satellite - October 29, 2018 • 689 Views
Precise determination of satellite position and velocity is the basis of that the navigation system providers precise broadcast ephemeris. There are some problems to consider in the process of satellite orbit, velocity, and broadcast ephemeris calculation, such as establishment of solar radiation pressure model, correction between antenna phase center and quality center, system delay correction, etc. Solar radiation pressure is one of factors which is closely related to the satellite itself. It generally includes direct solar radiation pressure, thermal radiation, and Earth’s radiation pressure radiation. Around solar radiation pressure, factors that need to be considered in accurate modeling of solar radiation perturbation have been proposed. On this basis, the calibration results of relevant parameters of solar radiation perturbation are introduced. Variation of optical characteristic parameters and critical surface temperature changes were analyzed, which provide support for BDS satellite solar radiation pressure modeled and precise orbit determination.


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