Workshop 2018
Tzu-Pang Tseng - Impact of solar radiation pressure mis-modelling on GNSS satellite orbit determination - October 29, 2018 • 524 Views
The largest non-gravitational force acting on GNSS satellites is the solar radiation pressure (SRP), which generates an acceleration of roughly 100 nm/s 2 opposite to the satellite-Sun direction and results in several-meter orbit errors. The Analysis Centre Software (ACS) developed by Geoscience Australia provides three types of SRP models to handle with such an effect: 1) analytical model, 2) semi-analytical model and 3) empirical model. In the analytical model, we use the simplest cannonball model that only considers the direct SRP effect in the satellite-Sun direction. In the semi-analytical model, we use a so-called adjustable box-wing model which considers the satellite configuration, satellite nominal attitude and estimable parameters of the optical properties. Regarding the empirical model, the latest ECOM (D2B1) model is applied in ACS. This study will investigate the impact of SRP mis-modelling on GNSS satellite orbit determination.

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