Workshop 2018
Ryan Ruddick - Discovering the Geoscience Australia GNSS Data Repository - February 5, 2019 • 436 Views
Geoscience Australia (GA) maintains one of the most complete public archives of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data from continuously operating reference stations across the Asia-Pacific region. The data sets found in this archive define Australia’s national datum, contribute to the IGS and support numerous academic, government and industry projects. In a continuous effort to modernise our data centre workflows and procedures, we have developed a new event-driven GNSS data management system hosted in Amazon Web Services. This new data repository allows us to move away from relying on file transfer protocol (FTP), letting users discover, interact and extract over 100 million RINEX files using secure HTTP APIs. This poster will showcase the new GA data repository demonstrating how a user will access, search and discover the vast amounts of GNSS data sets available from Geoscience Australia.

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