Workshop 2018
Ignacio Romero - EGON: The ESA/ESOC GNSS Observation station Network - October 29, 2018 • 898 Views
ESA/ESOC continues to improve, maintain and expand its worldwide network of GNSS stations for the benefit of the international community through participation in the IGS and EUREF. In recent years new station deployments have taken place to further strengthen EGON for internal project use. During 2016/2017 new ESOC stations have been installed in Kyrgyzstan and South Africa, and contacts are well underway for new stations in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Canada and Namibia. All ESOC stations provide multi-GNSS 15min, Hourly and Daily Rinex 2.11 and Rinex 3 files, as well as NBS (NavBits) files.

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