Workshop 2018
Markus Bradke - Status Quo of the new GFZ Operational Data Center - October 29, 2018 • 420 Views
The Operational Data Center (ODC) is the backbone for all analysis activities regarding GNSS at GFZ. With the steadily increasing number of stations and data GFZ's current Data Center software reached the end of its life cycle. Developed for the sequential processing of RINEX2 data for a limited number of stations, it can hardly keep up with the daily amount of data that passes the processing line. With the new system we have reached a new level of GNSS data pre-processing, monitoring and quality control. All information (e.g. availability, latency, Multi-GNSS quality parameters) about RINEX files is stored in a PostgreSQL database and can be accessed for a variety of applications. This poster will give an overview about the recent work and achievements of the new ODC and an outlook about future developments regarding a web-based data quality portal.

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