Workshop 2018
Jean-Marie Sleewaegen - Quantifying the pilot-data bias on all current GNSS signals and satellites - October 29, 2018 • 547 Views
Pilot-data biases are one of the challenges faced when processing modern GNSS signals. We measured them using a receiver modified to track pilot and data signals independently on the same hardware. The presentation describes the setup and provides the results. Code and phase pilot-data biases are given for all currently-available GNSS signals and satellites, including the new BeiDou B1C and B2a. The different signals and constellations are compared, and when applicable, a comparison is made with the biases transmitted in the navigation message. In addition, the effect of pilot-data biases on the various RINEX observable types is analyzed, and it is shown how the “X” observables (those obtained from the combined tracking of pilot and data) are affected.

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