Workshop 2018
Yun Xiong - Fast estimation of real-time high-frequency precise satellite clock offset using multi-frequency and multi-constellation GNSS ob - October 29, 2018 • 374 Views
The real-time estimation of precise satellite clock and its rapid update are essential guarantee to realize real-time positioning with centimeter-level accuracy. Nowadays, the availability of multi-frequency and multi-constellation GNSS signals makes it more convenient to estimate high-frequency satellite clocks in real-time. In this contribution, we develop a method of rapid clock estimation for multi-frequency and multi-constellation and generate high-frequency inter-recovered satellite clock products in real time. Compared to the products using only GPS observations, the mean clock-fit standard deviation (STD) values of our clock products are reduced. When applying the inter-recovered satellite clock products, both the convergence time and positioning accuracy of real-time precise point positioning (RTPPP) is significantly improved, which indicates a potential enhancement for the GNSS applications and services.

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