Workshop 2018
Yintong Wang - Differential code bias estimation with ionosphere constrained by DESIGN - October 29, 2018 • 457 Views
In high precision GNSS applications such as single-frequency PPP and ionosphere modeling, differential code bias (DCB) should be carefully considered. In undifferenced and uncombined data processing, ionosphere delay is estimated as unknown together with DCBs. Obviously, DCB estimation performance depends mostly on the capability of the ionosphere parameterization method. In our previous work, a deterministic plus stochastic ionosphere model, noted as DESIGN, was developed. In this paper, we estimate DCB on both satellites and receivers with ionosphere constrained by DESIGN. Two-month data is collected by 20 MGEX stations and the estimated results are compared with DCB product published by CODE. Furthermore, GOLNASS IFB and BDS-3 DCB are estimated to verify the validation of our method.


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