Workshop 2018
Xuhai Yang - Precise Common View Time and Frequency Transfer based on BDS GEO satellites - October 29, 2018 • 415 Views
This paper introduces latest research on Precise Common View Time and Frequency Transfer, PCVTFT. PCVTFT is based on BDS. In this technology, carrier phase data from one single GEO navigation satellite is directly used for the processing without calculating ambiguities. Precise orbit、station coordinate and tropospheric zenith delays should be known in advance. Thanks to the characteristics of the GEO satellite, there should be no discontinuous in an observation. The ambiguity can be considered as a constant value, which can be calibrated along with hardware delay. Time transfer results using PCVTFT across continents (e.g. between PTB and NTSC)will be showed in this presentation, and the PPP results will be used as a reference to evaluate the performance of PCVTFT.

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