Workshop 2018
Pierre Sakic - Toward a Multi-Constellation combination : Improving the IGS orbits & clocks combination software for MGEX products - October 29, 2018 • 549 Views
Since 1994, IGS provides a combination of orbits and clocks products from the diferent Analysis Centers. They are used as input by many softwares for countless scientifc or operational geodetic applications. They can also be used as independent reference for benchmark experiments. Nevertheless, those products include GPS-only data, despite the fact that nowadays several GNSS constellations are available. We performed modifcations on the existing IGS combination software and made it compatible with MGEX products. We present here the results of a combination of 5 MGEX ACs for 5 constellations (G+R+E+C+J) from week 1800 to 2000. The RMS of combined orbits w.r.t. ACs ones are ~3±1.5cm for recent weeks. This work will be the basis for an improved & up-to- date new combination method.

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