Workshop 2018
Zhigang Hu - Field Absolute Calibration of the BDS Receiver Antenna at Wuhan - October 29, 2018 • 491 Views
Up to now, the antenna phase center corrections (PCC) of satellite transmitting antennas of GPS and GLONASS have been well modelled together with most of IGS geodetic station receiver antennas calibrated by robotic field measurements. In the need of BeiDou high precise application, F. Dilssner (2014) et al. obtained the preliminary PCC models of BeiDou satellite antennas based on observations collected by the IGS’s MGEX stations. However, in this paper we focus on the BeiDou ground antenna PCO/PCV calibrations based on the absolute antenna phase calibration platform at Wuhan University. Some preliminary PCC calibration results for several types of BeiDou antennas were obtained. All these PCC models were validated by a series of repeated trials and precise point positioning (PPP) applications.

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