Workshop 2018
Wolfgang Söhne - Precise point positioning of surveying vessel in the Baltic Sea - October 29, 2018 • 544 Views
The precise point positioning (PPP) technique together with state space representation (SSR) corrections were tested on board of a surveying vessel and compared to the “classical” real time kinematic (RTK) technique. Required SSR correction data were derived from global and local observation networks and provided via internet using BKG Ntrip Caster. An experimental GNSS receiver with BKG’s own Ntrip Client installed allowed the computation of accurate positions based on SSR corrections. Several experiments regarding positioning have been conducted during 10-days field campaigns on a survey vessel in the Baltic Sea. The activities are carried out in the framework of the EU co-financed project FAMOS Odin, whereby the newest campaign took place in August 2018. For this proof of concept in positioning different SSR correction data streams, e.g. BKG’s contribution to the IGS Real-Time Service (IGS RTS), have been tested. The presentation focuses on the achieved results using different methods, configurations and SSR corrections as well as the robustness of the IGS RTS corrections and of the position solutions.

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