Workshop 2018
Ningbo Wang - Benefits of IGS RTS for real time ionospheric space weather monitoring - October 29, 2018 • 495 Views
In addition to the routine generation of rapid and final global ionospheric maps (GIMs), real time multi-GNSS activities on ionospheric space weather monitoring have been conducted at CAS Ionospheric Associate Analysis Center (IAAC) since 2016. Two examples are the real time ionospheric vTEC modeling and irregularity monitoring using the IGS real-time services (RTS). The methodology for ionospheric vTEC modeling and RT-GIM generation is first presented, followed by the routine validation (around 2 years) with respect to GNSS dsTEC and Jason-3 vTECs over the continental and oceanic regions, respectively. CAS’s real time ionospheric State Space Representation (SSR) information are now provided via CAS01 mount point (, which are also available in IONEX format at CAS’s ftp archive ( For ionospheric irregularity monitoring, a new ionosphere activity index called RROT are proposed. On the basis RT GNSS data stream from IGS and local CORS permanent receivers, multiple type station- and map-based ionospheric irregularity monitoring products are routinely generated to analyze the occurrence and dynamics of ionospheric irregularity. The monitoring results are also provided in IONEX-like format at CAS’s ftp archive.

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