Workshop 2018
Yuanxin Wang - The Analysis of BDS2/BDS3 Combined Precise Orbit Determination Strategy - October 29, 2018 • 445 Views
The Chinese Regional Beidou Navigation System has been providing public service through B1I/B2I/B3I signals for users in the Asia-Pacific Area since October 25,2012.At present,the Beidou Global Navigation System is building rapidly.It launched 12 BDS3 full operational capalibility satellites until August,2018.In addition to the new B1C,B2a signals,BDS3 satellites also broadcast the original B1I,B3I signals as same as BDS2 satellites.Based on iGMAS and MGEX observations,the effects of different processing strategy on the combined precise orbit determination of BDS2 and BDS3 satellites are analyzed from the aspects of signals combined selection,baselines generation,and non-differenced data and double-differenced data.


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