Workshop 2018
Susanne Beer - Group Delay Variations of Galileo Satellite Antennas - October 29, 2018 • 1325 Views
Group delay variations (GDV) of satellite and receiving GNSS antennas affect code pseudorange measurements nadir and elevation-dependently. This poster focuses on the GDV of the satellite antennas of the European GNSS Galileo. Since the ground tracks of the Galileo satellites change within ten days, ten days of observation data are sufficient to cover the entire nadir angle range for each satellite with one or just a few terrestrial reference stations. We chose reference stations recording observations in at least four of the five Galileo frequency bands. Our estimated nadir- dependent GDV show the most pronounced variations for E1, E5a and E6 (for example 7, 5 and 8 cm peak-to-peak on average for FOC satellites) and the largest satellite-to-satellite variations for the IOV satellites.

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