Workshop 2018
Kacper Kotulak - A long-term ionospheric dynamics and fluctuations study in a local frame - October 29, 2018 • 414 Views
GNSS techniques for decades have been one of the main tool in ionospheric monitoring. Since 2018 the vast range of the International GNSS Service’s (IGS) ionospheric products has been complemented with a new one, dedicated to the ionospheric fluctuations – northern hemisphere Rate of TEC Index (ROTI) maps. Ionospheric irregularities phenomenon is a crucial aspect for many areas based or dependent on radio transmissions - such as telecommunication and radio astronomy. Many users – like low frequency radio astronomy – requires precise information about inosphere state and dynamcs in a local mode. Thus long-term local study of the single-station ROTI time series may be important for e. g. LOFAR system upgrade to the 2.0 version.


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