Workshop 2018
Luii Cherniak - The IGS ROTI Map product: scientific applications and development - October 29, 2018 • 394 Views
After years of the testing and validation, IGS hosts a new ionospheric product to characterize ionospheric irregularities and their intensity as derived from multi-site ground-based GPS observations - the diurnal ROTI Maps based on the multi-step processing and interpretation of the dual frequency GPS carrier phase observations. The plasma density irregularities can be detected and characterized by their impact on the parameters of radio signals piercing the ionosphere. The results are summarized in the form of the single diurnal ROTI map with within the 00-24 MLT temporal frame and the geomagnetic latitude range of 50°-90° N. We will demonstrate IGS ROTI Maps’ ability to depict the ionospheric irregularities development on the example of geomagnetic storms of the 24th solar cycle.


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