Workshop 2018
Yishuai Shi - Performance Assessment of BDS Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Based on SSR Corrections - October 29, 2018 • 458 Views
In recent years, Real-Time Precise Point Positioning (RTPPP) using BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is facing new developments thanks to the dissemination of BDS real-time State Space Representation (SSR) corrections provided by some institutions. However, the quality and accuracy levels of these corrections remain unclear as they have been provided not long. In this contribution, methods of data accessing for RTPPP are introduced, and the quality of BDS real-time products provided by CNES, as well as the performance of BDS-RTPPP, is assessed and validated. It is indicated that the products currently suffer from the issues of unavailability and discontinuity, along with the limited product accuracy. BDS- RTPPP is then implemented based on these corrections to validate the positioning performance. For 6-h observations, the average final result of static positioning reaches 1.31 cm, 2.15 cm and 6.18 cm in the north, east and up components, respectively, and the average convergence time is 73.4 min. As for kinematic positioning, an average accuracy of 4.76 cm, 6.70 cm and 7.07 cm can be achieved after an average convergence time of 86.1 min.

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