Workshop 2018
Jiaxin Huang - Research progress of multi-GNSS PPP-RTK technology - October 29, 2018 • 647 Views
The initialization time and accuracy of precise point position(PPP) can be significantly improved with integer ambiguity fixing, but it still costs more than 10 min to achieve a reliable position result. In this contribution, we present a strategy of PPP-RTK to augment PPP estimation. In the proposed method, we estimate regional augmentation parameters of phase and raw observations for different frequencies using reference network and provide the augmentation parameters to user stations for fast PPP fixed resolution. The real time data stream of several networks is used and the results show that the augmentation parameters we estimated have good spatial and time correlation, the differences between estimated augmentation parameters and the actual parameters of phase observations at user stations are less than 0.2 cycle and those differences of raw observations are less 3 m basically and the augmentation parameters keep stability in time. When using augmentation parameters, the initialization time of PPP fixed resolution is significantly shortened which is less than 3 min, and the position errors are less than 3 cm in horizontal direction and 6 cm in zenith direction. In the following work, we will expand this strategy into multi-GNSS, the augmentation effect will be better with more satellites and data. We also need to search a better fitting method to fit augmentation parameters in spatial and time.


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