Workshop 2018
QinMing Chen - Initial accuracy analysis of real-time products of multi-GNSS from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory AC of iGMAS - October 29, 2018 • 447 Views
The ultra-rapid orbit and clock products can’t meet the real-time user’s requirements because of the low accuracy of the predicted part, especially for clock. The real-time orbit and clock corrections will be widely used because of the high accuracy and timeliness. The real-time multi- GNSS products was produced by Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Analysis Center(SHAO AC) in international GNSS Monitoring and Assessment system(iGMAS), the strategy is introduced in this paper, and the accuracy is also analyzed. The initial study shows that the accuracy of the real-time clock is better than 0.2ns, the RMS of the horizontal direction for real-time positioning is better than 0.05m, and the RMS of the up direction is about 0.07m. The result provides the feasibility of the orbit and clock corrections in real-time applications.


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