Workshop 2018
Lurii Golubinka - GCS (General Commission for Survey, Riyadh, KSA) Data & Analysis Centre – the results of processing the data from GNSS CORS netw - October 29, 2018 • 811 Views
GNSS CORS network in KSA consists of 396 observation stations. The GCS Data and Analysis Centre has been established at General Commission for Survey at KSA to process network data with Bernese software with the goal to build KSA National Geodetic Reference Frame. Data from 140 IGS global stations has been used to link KSA NGRF to IGS14. The final solution for station coordinates and velocities, and Euler pole coordinates and angular velocity of rotation for Arabian tectonic plate have been obtained as a result of combination of daily solutions on the interval 2004-2017. The solution accuracy, time series for station coordinates and effect of using CODE orbits and EOP instead of IGS orbits and EOP on the station coordinates have been analysed.


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