Presentations at plenary sessions are by invitation only. Plenary Sessions will all be held in Ramo Auditorium (Located in Baxter Hall). Be sure to view submission specifications.

A look at the weeks events and meetings.

Shailen Desai, Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Analysis Center Representative
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
United States

Welcome from JPL Deputy Director
L. James
NASA Welcome
J. Labrecque
An Exciting and Challenging Future after Twenty Years of Service
U. Hugentobler
IGS Current and Future Challenges
T. Springer
The IGS: A First Class IAG Service
C. Rizos

A review of the past 20 years of achievements, discussion of the relation of IGS to IAG and other organizations, and a look into the future.

Markus Rothacher, Co-Chair
Former IGS Governing Board Member
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Ruth Neilan, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Central Bureau Director
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
United States

Preparing for the Future – The IGS in a Multi-GNSS World
O. Montenbruck
The IAG and Planning the IGS
I. Mueller
The International GNSS Service (IGS): Development and Achievements since 1991
G. Beutler
Science Applications enabled by the IGS/GGOS
M. Rothacher

Status of the IGS real-time service, on the way to FOC.

Mark Caissy, Co-Chair
Former Governing Board Member
Natural Resources Canada

Loukis Agrotis, Co-Chair
IGS Associate Member
Symban Ltd.
United Kingdom

The IGS Real-Time Service -- A Status Update
M. Caissy
PPP with Ambiguity Resolution (AR) using RTCM-SSR
M. Schmitz
GNSS Real-Time Developments at GFZ
M. Fritsche
Exploitation of IGS Real-Time Products for Tropospheric Monitoring
R. Pacione
Real‐time GNSS for natural hazards: Early warning and monitoring systems
Y. Bock
Real-time global electron content determination thanks to the RT-IGS global network datastreams
M. Hernandez-Pajares

Reports on IGS repro02 effort, analysis of results related to ITRF2013, and other content related to analysis center, reprocessing, and reference frame working groups.

Jake Griffiths, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Analysis Center Coordinator
National Geodetic Survey (NOAA)
United States

Paul Rebischung, Co-Chair
IGS Associate Member
Institut National de l'Information Géographique et Forestière

IGS 2nd Reprocessing at GFZ
Z. Deng
Terrestrial Reference Frame from Combined Precise Orbit Determination of GPS, GRACE, and LAGEOS
J. Weiss
Time Variable Gravity in GRGS REPRO2 solution
L. Sylvain
ESA Reprocessing: Advances in GNSS analysis
T. Springer
GNSS orbits and ERPs from CODE's repro2 solutions
S. Lutz
ITRF2013: IGS contribution and early results
Z. Altamimi
IGS 2nd Reprocessing at GFZ
Z. Deng

Modeling issues in the repro02 and operational products will be discussed, in addition to other content related to the reference frame and orbit modeling working groups.

Tim Springer, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Analysis Center Representative
ESA/European Space Operations Centre

Marek Ziebart, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Satellite Vehicle Orbit Dynamics Working Group Chair
University College London
United Kingdom

Modeling and estimating the orbits of GNSS: Key principles in history and future
G. Beutler
Orbit and Attitude Modeling at the JPL Analysis Center
J. Weiss
Estimating the geocenter from GNSS data
R. Dach
Estimating the geocenter from GNSS data
U. Hugentobler

Content related to the infrastructure committee, as well as the data center, antenna, and RINEX working groups.

Ignacio Romero, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Infrastructure Committee Chair
ESA/European Space Operations Centre

Ralf Schmid, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Antenna Working Group Chair
Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut

RINEX Working Group Report
K. MacLeod
Calibrating GNSS Satellite Antenna Group-Delay Variations using space and ground receivers
I. Rodriguez Perez
IGS Data Centers: Status and Progress
C. Noll
IGS Infrastructure Status
N. Romero
Experimental Results from “BigAnt”, a Large Format Antenna for High Quality Geodetic Ground Stations
G. Mader
Stability of GNSS Monumentation: Analysis of Co-Located Monuments in the UNAVCO Plate Boundary Observatory
F. Blume

Reports on IGS-MGEX; status of the network, solutions, and challenges; as well as other content related to the MGEX working group and analysis centers.

Oliver Montenbruck, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Multi-GNSS Working Group Chair
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V.

Felix Perosanz, Co-Chair
IGS Associate Member
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales

IGS-MGEX: Introduction
O. Montenbruck
MGEX network and observation data
A. Rülke
Orbit and Clock Determination - Galileo
L. Prange
IGS-MGEX: QZSS Orbit and Clock Determination
P. Steigenberger
Orbit and Clock Determination – BeiDou
Z. Deng
IGS-MGEX: Multi-GNSS Biases
O. Montenbruck

Covering the status of the ionosphere modeling within the IGS and potential development, reports on GNSS bias modeling in the frame of ionosphere processing and multi-GNSS processing in general. Other content related to the ionosphere and bias/calibration working groups will be presented.

Andrzej Krankowski, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Ionosphere Working Group Chair
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Stefan Schaer, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Calibration and Bias Working Group Chair
Federal Office of Topography

Current and future IGS Iono WG activities, new IGS iono product – monitoring of TEC fluctuations
A. Krankowski
The multi instrument radio diagnostics as a new tool for improved the GNSS services
H. Rothkaehl
The NeQuick model: characteristics and uses
B. Nava
Using GNSS Tracking Networks to Map Global Ionospehric Irregularities and Scintillation
X. Pi
Biases Relevant to GPS and GLONASS Data Processing
S. Schaer
Differential Code Bias Estimation for New Signals and Constellations
O. Montenbruck

Presentations on the status of the troposphere modeling within the IGS and potential future development, as well as other relevant applications.

Christine Hackman, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member and Troposphere Working Group Chair
United States Naval Observatory
United States

Charles Meertens, Co-Chair
IGS Governing Board Member
United States

From the earthquake cycle to mantle structure – current and future uses of dense GPS.
M. Simons
PY09a Introduction
C. Hackman
Development towards inter-technique tropospheric parameter comparisons and their exploitation
J. Douša
Global Water Vapor Trend and its Diurnal Asymmetry during 1995-2011 Based on GPS, Radiosonde and Microwave Satellite Measurements
J. Wang
COST Action ES1206 "Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climate (GNSS4SWEC)"
G. Guerova
Detecting topological dark matter with GNSS
G. Blewitt

A review of GPS/GLONASS processing strategies in the IGS and other content relevant to application-oriented working groups.

Felix Norman Teferle

University of Luxembourg

Tilo Schöne
IGS Governing Board Member and TIGA Working Group Chair
DeutschesGeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Impact of temporal gravity field parameters determined from GNSS satellites on the GNSS-derived Earth rotation parameters
R. Dach
GNSS Clocks: Challenges and Developments
R. Tjoelker
Ambiguity resolution in precise point positioning (PPP): benefits and challenges from multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS signals
J. Geng
Space Geodesy Core Sites and Role of GNSS
M. Pearlman
Technical Advances in GNSS Vertical Positioning: Results on Water Change in California and Postglacial Rebound in Antarctica
D. Argus

This special, informal celebration of the first 20 years of the IGS will feature short speeches and stories from various individuals. This event will be adjacent to the poster display room, which will allow for additional informal viewing of posters before they are taken down.

Chris Rizos, Co-Chair
President of the IAG
University of New South Wales

Urs Hugentobler, Chair
IGS Governing Board Chair and Analysis Center Representative
Technische Universität München

U. Hugentobler

Please include the IGS logo and citation in all websites, presentations, publications, or posters that use IGS data, products, or services. IGS is a service of IAG.